• Product Sourcing

     With our manufacturing background and reliable database

  • Supplier Evaluation

    You eyes in China, keep you away from fraud and middle man.

  • Contract Review

    With our trading experience to achieve the best terms for buyer

  • Order Follow-Up

    From A – Z, keep an eye on the order. Make sure everything under control.

  • Shipment Arrangement

    We know how important it is to have a safe and timely delivery.

  • Supply Chain Cost Control

    Transparent cost without hidden charge, helping buyers to make the best deal within budget.

  • Product Inspection

    Suffering from defective products? Our experienced in-house inspectors are always at your service.

  • Seamless Support

    We are your branch in China, from now on the difference of time zone, culture and language will no longer stand between you and your successful business.

 DIYWith FamiSourcing
Look for suppliervia B2Binhouse database + Online & offline research
ApproachEmailEmail + Phone Call
CommunicationEnglishEnglish + Mandarin + Cantonese
NegotiationForeign BuyerLocal Buyer
Place OrderViewed by buyer himselfOrder Viewed by Experienced Consultant + Risk Reminder
Order Follow UpDifferent Time Zone + High Labor CostSame Time Zone + Low Labor Cost + Experienced merchandisers
Quality ControlFly to ChinaLocal inspectors + professional report
ShipmentHigh Freight ChargeRegular Shipping shedule + low cost