One-Stop Solution


Sourcing From China - Total Supply Chain Management

Total Supply Chain Management (TSCM)

We help you in sourcing from China and take care of your supply chain with one-stop solution.

Sourcing From China - Product Sourcing

Product Sourcing

Find any products you are interested in from China within budget by our local experts.

Sourcing From China - Manufacturer Sourcing

Manufacturer Sourcing

To develop your own products, you will need a reliable manufacturer with the right production capability.

Local Assisting

Quality Control

Sourcing From China - Interpreting and Local Guide

Interpreting and Local Guide

Explore wholesale markets and visit suppliers in China without language barrier.

Sourcing From China - Factory Audit

Factory Audit

Prevent fraud and know more about the capability of your suppliers before production.

Sourcing From China - Product Inspection

Product Inspection

Have someone on the ground to check your products before balance payment.