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China Agent – Sourcing, Buying and Export 

Fami Sourcing designs customized supply chain solutions for the startup companies. We source, oversee production and deliver goods in demand from consumers around the world.

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Import from China

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Brand Owners

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Problems during importing from China
  • Fraud
  • Couldn’t find the right product
  • Couldn’t find the right manufacturer
  • Couldn’t get a good price
  • Language barrier
  • Receiving defective products
  • Cost too much time and money being in China personally
  • Know too little about DO and DON’T in China

What We Offer

Sourcing From China - Total Supply Chain Management

Total Supply Chain Management (TSCM)

Sourcing From China - Product Sourcing

Product Sourcing

Sourcing From China - Manufacturer Sourcing

Manufacturer Sourcing

Sourcing From China - Interpreting and Local Guide

Interpreting and Local Guide

Sourcing From China - Factory Audit

Factory Audit

Sourcing From China - Product Inspection

Product Inspection

Products Sourced and Imported From China through Fami Sourcing

Guangzhou Sourcing Agent for Jewelry & Jewelry Making Supplies

Jewelry & Jewelry Making Supplies

Guangzhou Sourcing Agent for Clothing & Textiles

Clothing & Textiles

Guangzhou Sourcing Agent for Bags & Suitcases

Bags & Suitcases

Guangzhou Sourcing Agent for Furniture

Furniture & Building Material

Guangzhou Sourcing Agent for Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics

Guangzhou Sourcing Agent for Gift & Promotional

Gift & Promotional

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Startup Friendly
After-Sale Protection

Proudly working with

Retailers and Importers from 120 Countries

Until Dec 3, 2015

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Happy Clients
Safe Delivery
Cost Saved for Buyers
Reynold | China Sourcing Agent | Fami Sourcing

Reynold Li

Supply Chain Management

Hillary | China Sourcing Agent | Fami Sourcing

Hillary He

Customer Service

Alpha | China Sourcing Agent | Fami Sourcing

Alpha Ou


Terence | China Sourcing Agent | Fami Sourcing

Terence He




FAMI SOURCING is one of the few “one-stop” supply chain management service provider in China. If you have an idea to import from China, just let us know and we will get all the jobs done for your.

How Does Your Service Work?

In a word, we manage everything you need to import from China. This includes:

  • Sourcing the product
  • Comparing manufacturers
  • Negotiating price and quantity
  • Providing an accurate product quote
  • Arranging contracts and purchasing with the manufacters
  • Quality control 
  • Shipping, port charges & insurance
  • Customs clearances right to your door

How Much Can We Save Working With FAMI SOURCING?

Firstly there’s the price savings. If you were buying from local wholesalers – it’s not uncommon to save to save 30%-60% when importing from our verified suppliers. For some products, the savings might be greater.

There’s also savings on shipping – we always get the best shipping prices in the industry.  And if you’re importing less than a container load our mixed container load service will save you 30-60%.

Man on the Ground

We are located in Guangzhou, China. A major manufacturing area and a hub of internetional trading business.

Industry Insider

Our co-founders had years of experience in well-known manufacturer, trading company and quality control firm.

One Stop Solution!

Let us do the hard work of importing so you can focus on the sale channel to create more value.

Gate Keeper

Scrammer, middle man, deffective products, delayed shipment, one of these will be more than enough to ruin your importing from China, Work with us to have a gate keeper for your business!

8 Facts You Should Know About Sourcing From China (pdf version)